Create Unique Figures Without Any 3D Modelling Experience

So you can get your monies worth from figures in your content library.

If you're a beginner with Daz Studio, you're looking for anything to fast track your progress and you need something different to stand out from the crowd.

Look at any artist that you admire and notice how their artwork stands out.

You've seen many renders on popular websites like deviantart and they all look the same. Is that what you really want? To look the SAME?

Here are the (real) reasons why your artwork does NOT stand out?

1) You're just copying what other people are doing. Copying someone will only get you so far. People seeing the same image over and over again get's boring. You need that va-va-voom.

2) Your artwork is not the real you. When your artwork is the real you, you will put consistent effort in and follow through on your goals.

3) You just don't have the knowledge yet. There is a skill gap of where you are now and where you want to be. You need to close that gap.

As someone who is already one step ahead of the game and knows that standing out is your best option to getting eyes on your artwork.


This course is a great opportunity for you to close the skills gapbe ahead of everyone else and stand out from the crowd.



This course is not like any other course. It's a comprehensive program that will give you the tools that will help you to stand out from the crowd. You will also get exclusive access to me and be able to ask any questions relating to the course.

Module 1

We get straight into it. Learn how the Iray Shader works. What each setting does and how best to use them.

Module 2

Which texture maps are the best and the most effective and how to use them with the Iray Shader.

Module 3

Let's put it all together. This is where we take what we learned in module 1 and module 2 and apply them to create our own unique characters.

Module 4 (Bonus 1)

So we've created our awesome unique characters in Daz Studio. Now we need to add the postwork magic. Learn the post work techniques that I use in my artwork.

Module 5 (Bonus 2)

For you portrait lovers. Learn how to get those eyes to glisten and look life like.

Bonus content

You will receive two male genesis 8 and two female genesis 8 HD skin shaders that you can use in any of your (commercial or non-commercial) renders.