the start

My journey into the world of art started when I was at secondary school. I loved art classes at school because I was doing something that was practical and creative. However, I found that my drawing skills left a lot to be desired.


I would practice my drawing skills by copying character art from video game magazines during my teenage years. I struggled with my drawing skills and got frustrated (there was no Internet at this time) and therefore no tutorials to help me improve my drawing skills. I decided to leave art behind, focus on my studies and get a job in the IT sector.

After 15 years of working in the IT sector, I felt unfulfilled. After some soul searching, I found that I was the most happiest when I was drawing and when I was lost in a story whether that story was in a film, cartoon or video game.

In 2018 I decided to start my journey to create my own art and stories.

manifest my dream

I started by learning basic concepts in Photoshop. While searching for Photoshop tutorials on YouTube, I saw videos of 3D rendered art being enhanced with Photoshop, which led me to Daz Studio.


Daz Studio is free 3D rendering software that allows you use characters, props and backgrounds to create anything you can imagine. I immediately fell in love with Daz Studio because I didn't have to worry about my drawing skills. 

creating art & stories

I have been using Daz Studio for 8 months and I absolutely love it!

I am currently using Daz Studio to create high quality digital art and stories through my comics.

It was at this point that I created the MYDART website to help beginner Daz Studio artists to jump-start their digital art journey.

Start your digital art journey today! Check out the Tutorials & Guides section, which will help you save TIME and Master key concepts in Daz Studio.

I also highly recommend that you fill in the digital art survey to see how best I can help you. All responses are PRIVATE and no PERSONAL INFORMATION is asked in the survey. Click here to fill the survey.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have learned a little bit more about me and how I can help you to create high quality digital art.